A few years ago my youngest son made the statement, “Dad comes home with his thoughts all tangled up sometimes”. Well the past few days this is happening to me again. The pdoc says it is depression and suggested an anti-depressant . My wife says we are just tired from our eleven day trip. I think I am just getting old.

The most likely situation is all three of us are correct. I fear the depression the most. I prefer not to take the anti-depressants. They have some many side effects. Also they take so long to take affect. Of course, being exhausted is a factor and it to will take a short time to correct. The pdoc and I discussed the factor of not getting old that has never been a solution for my manic depressive disorder (except once).

The part of my depression the most scary is the part my young son diagnosed at a very early age. This limits my activities. The three symptoms of my illness at present are: scattered thoughts, chronic fatigue, and worthlessness.

I will set set forth a plan to deal with each.
Author: harold