Swat Team Update 8/10/08

BERWYN HEIGHTS, Maryland: Mayor Cheye Calvo update 8/10/08
From The Text:

BERWYN HEIGHTS, Maryland: Mayor Cheye Calvo arrived home from work, saw a package addressed to his wife on the front porch, took it inside and put it on a table.

Suddenly, police with guns drawn kicked in the door and stormed in, shooting to death the couple’s two dogs and seizing the unopened package.In it were 14.5kg of marijuana. But the drugs evidently did not belong to the couple.

Police say the couple appeared to be innocent victims of a scheme by two men to smuggle millions of dollars worth of marijuana by having it delivered to about a half-dozen unsuspecting recipients.

The two men under arrest include a FedEx deliveryman. Investigators said he would drop off a package outside a home and the other man would come by a short time later and pick it up.

Now federal authorities say they are looking into how local law enforcement handled the July 29 raid. FBI agent Rich Wolf said yesterday the bureau had opened a civil rights investigation into the case.

A furious Mr Calvo said he and his wife, Trinity Tomsic, had asked the Government to investigate.
“Trinity was an innocent victim and random victim,” Mr Calvo said outside his two-storey, red-brick house in this middle-class Washington suburb of about 3000 people.

“We were harmed by the very people who took an oath to protect us.”

Mr Calvo, 37, insisted the couple’s two black Labradors were gentle creatures and said police killed them “for sport”, gunning down one of them as it was running away.

All done in an effort to stop the cultivation, transporting, distribution of marijuana. A substance that has been around for 10,000 years where there is no proof of its danger.

It is the laws, stupid, not the drugs causing a violent society.
Author: harold