Time to Legalize Pot

Time has come to legalize pot

Should we legalize pot. Polls say no

The pollsters are asking the wrong question.

  1. Should schools stripe search ten year old girls for suspected drug possession?
  2. Do you know what percentage of teen age boys know where they can buy pot.?
  3. Do you think children should be denied Pell Grant because of a drug crime?
  4. Do you think people should be arrested for drug paraphernalia?
  5. Do you think drug enforcement should have no-knock warrants?
  6. Do you think SWAT teams should raid homes and terrorize & kill innocent people and their pets, trying to find drugs?
  7. Do you think schools should have the authority to search student’s person and property without jurisdiction?
  8. Do you think Law Enforcement should be allowed to carry Prohibited Drugs?
  9. Do you think illiterate people should be permitted to manage Drug Evidence Rooms?
  10. Do you think someone should get 10 times the penal sentence for possession of cocaine as rape (log in Reginald Dixon in Mississippi State Correction website inmate search)

Author: harold

Mr. President:

On your internet town hall meeting you said, “No to legalized marijuana.” I sure hate to hear you use the word legalize in this context. This is a scare word that Karl Rove, George W. Bush or Rush Limbaugh would use to scare parents. The word legalize is a blanket word that covers thousands of federal, state and local drug prohibition laws that prey on our most venerable, corrupt law enforcement, over burdened justice system, created a dangerous over populated prison system. They have also create a criminal environment here and in other countries. That do nothing to keep those same drug away from our children. I sure wish you could address these problems and assure every parent that we will do everything possible to help them keep drugs from their children.
Author: harold

The Time For Reform is Now

Now is the time to transform public policy about drugs.

I believe the place to focus our attention is here on Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) see below my email to him which he responded. California is the place to start. They have massive budget deficits cause by these prohibition laws and California is the place innovative changes take place. D. C. has other problems

I read from the Alter.net:
California state Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) has
announced the introduction of legislation to tax and regulate
marijuana in a manner similar to alcoholic beverages. The bill, the
first of its kind ever introduced in California, would create a
regulatory structure similar to that used for beer, wine, and liquor,
permitting taxed sales to adults while barring sales to or possession
by those under 21.

I am not a constituent, but I must tell you how much I admire this
action.  I have been speaking and writing for more than twenty years
about the destruction these prohibition laws have put upon our
society.  I wish for the success of this legislation.  Wish I could

Author: harold

President Points to ‘Inherited’ Economy

Obama’s New Tack: Blaming Bush

Blaming one’s predecessor is as old as ruling governments have existed see here

Here, however Dubya is not alone in this mess. This downward trend started when Nancy and Ronnie took office. The whole administration was filled with 40 year old neocons out prove how well they could let the rich devour the poor and middle income people. They have told us how great of a President our Grade B Actor was by omitting how he slept through the Iran Cronta Thing. Twenty years later these same neocons showed up in power along with the Bush Country Club buddies. That along with a congress that had no oversight commitment other than fellatio was not to be practiced in the White House. They slowly removed all the checks and balances that kept the rich from stealing everything except a hot stove. Now they have all the cash and they are scare making it hard for all others to get the commodities they need for their daily substance.

Author: harold

Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart and Weirdharold’s Manic Depressive Illness

I have written much about my alcoholic illness, but I have never written much about my manic depressive disorder except to say I have the illness. Even though painful as it may be I am going to make an effort to talk some about this condition that few understand.

The Monday after Thanksgiving 2005, I was in my son’s home and I closed out his web browser and nothing but a picture appeared on the screen. He was at work so I spent the day loafing. I picked up a book of Edgar Allen Poe’s writing. I turned to one of my favorites of his, “The Tell-Tale Heart”. I remember the first time I heard this read to me when I was in the 11th grade. Somehow I knew he was telling more than just an ordinary horror story. As I read this short story all of a sudden I realized Poe was using his pen in his grand style to describe the symptoms of the manic side of manic depression.He was telling many of the symptoms that I have suffered in an entertaining manner. It is well know he suffered from the same disease as I. Please read the story before going further, if you are not familiar.

From my view he put in three metaphors that describes the symptoms that I went through. First was the insistence his character went through to convince others he was not mad. This prevails until the end. I have been through this so many times it would be very redundant to go on and on, but the one most remembered was 7th-10th of October 1985 while at my sister and brother-in-law’s house. I insisted I was not ill until I was left alone and the law was involved before I was taken to the hospital and strapped to a bed and injected with antipsychotic drugs. This is part of my life I will not soon forget.

The second put in such a way that I would think it as anything but entertainment, to most it is. The cunning manner his character was to rid the evil in his life. His thinking he was so clever doing this deed nobody could accuse him of being crazy or mad. As I write this piece, I think of the way I kept telling my family I was okay and I knew how rid myself of my illness without taking any meds. Poe provides much entertainment with this venture. It also shows his genius as a writer.

The third and last metaphor of his character actor was the panic attack. The thunderous heartbeats that cause so much pain that acting can no longer be tolerated. Then he must admit his attempts to rid himself of evil was evil. Also he no longer can deny his madness. Sitting along side the road with a suitcase, dress in a bloody white turtleneck shirt trying to convince a deputy sheriff I was okay does not seem to much different form Poe’s story. Later in the “Happy House” in so much pain, I was pulling out my hair just get some form of relief. A few minutes later I was strapped to a bed and left there for a period of time. Time seems eternal. This was Hell as I know it. I do remember being in a state where every nerve in my body in pain. Pain that could not be defined or comforted while my arms and legs where strapped down. Suicide would have been relief. Some time later I was injected with some drug that put me out. Poe had his character pain coming from a symptom schizophrenia, also same as some symptoms as manic depressive disorder.

I can assure you I had many episodes of panic attacks over the years, not any close to the one described above. They a not fun to watch or endure. Poe had the genius with the pen to make the event entertaining and justified.
Author: harold

Albany Takes Step to Repeal Rockefeller Drug Laws


The Assembly’s proposal restores judges’ discretion in sentencing in many lower-level drug possession crimes. Judges would be able to send many offenders to treatment programs instead of prison without receiving consent from prosecutors. In addition, the measure would permit about 2,000 prisoners to apply to have their sentences reconsidered.

Author: harold