As to the Drugs Courts.

The words of an author and servant to the many suffering alcoholics.

“You can’t make a horse drink water if he still prefers beer or is too crazy to know what he does want. Set a pail of water beside him, tell him how good it is and why, and leave him alone.

“If people really want to get drunk, there is, so far as I know, no way of stopping this —- so leave them alone and let them get drunk. But don’t exclude them from the water pail, either”

Taking the words into consideration (which I believe to be accurate), the drug courts are worthless. No alcoholic or drug addict will recovery from this malady until HE makes the decision ON HIS OWN to seek recovery. This is too complicated an illness to be treated in a court system. Punishment for bad behavior must be applied, NOT FOR THE USE OF A SUBSTANCE. The courts should absolve themselves from an individual use of a product or not, as stated in the above quotation.

The Medical Arts community determined years ago they cannot treat this illness, so why in the hell do we think the courts can.
Author: harold