Some Jargon you hear around the Fellowship (updated 06/13/2009

1 We’re all here because we are not all there

2 When I am up to my ass in alligators it is hard to remember that all I intended to do was drain the swamp!! Don’t Think Don’t Drink

3 I keep looking for a Pollock meeting. One very simple

4 I missed my first meeting because I was to busy
I missed my second because I was too tired
I missed my third because I was too drunk

5 I do not have any resentments. I will kill anybody that says I do

6 Don’t
a. Don’t Drink
b. Don’t piss into the wind
c. Don’t pull on Superman’s cape
d. Don’t anger an alligator until you cross the swamp
e. Don’t go around kicking hornet’s nest
f. Don’t get into a pissing contest with a skunk

7 If I con convince my sponsor that I go to bars to drink cola then I should have no trouble convincing my wife I go to whorehouses to get a kiss.

8 Practice what you preach and stop the preaching.

9 A. Our fellowship is not a ticket to heaven
B. nor is it an impediment from hell
C. but it will keep you sober long enough so you can decide where you wish to go

10 Those who know they are in charge of AA are easily replaced by those that think they are

11 We keep our pants zipped so we don’t lose our brains

12 Am I mad at who I am mad at.

13 There is a slip under every skirt and a ***** in every jock

14 Rationalization is mental masturbation

15 Stinking thinking leads to drinking

16 Don’t analyze, utilize

17 I must take the cotton out of my ears and put it in my mouth

18 The only person more insane than an alcoholic that continues to drink is the one trying to make him stop

19 God created alcohol so the Irish would not rule the world

20 we share our experience, strength & hope. We do not preach, condemnation & despair

21. Paradoxes, we surrender to win, we give to receive

22. God ain’t on my timetable

23. Take the Irish out of AA and you can have most AA meetings in a phone booth.

24.Can’t make sense out of nonsense

25. There is a wrench for every nut in this fellowship

26. I go to fellowship meetings because the Big Book does not have pictures.

27. Asking an alcoholic not to drink is like asking a lesbian to only have sex with men

28. Knowledge Learned is Knowledge Lost, if not Passed on

29. You must know somebody to be a Al-Anon member

30. You know a person is an alcoholic if the roof of his mouth is sunburnedMore Here if any interest
Author: harold