As Officers Face Heated Words, Their Tactics Vary

He described a scenario he had faced many times: stopping someone who he just saw appear to slip drugs to someone else, only to learn that was not the case. “ ‘Oh, it’s a cigarette. Oh, O.K., sorry to bother you,’ ” the detective said.

All will say to me, “Weirdharold you always take it back to drugs.” I say this is where we made laws to destroy our Fourth Amendment. This incident that happen in Cambridge, MA could not have happen without the drug prohibition laws in effect. So much effort is put into the enforcement of these laws we have forgotten our Constitution. …ensure domoestic Tranquility

We have put so many people on the streets to enforce these drug prohibition we have unqualified people and they make their own laws.

Obama I hope you have raised the attention to the fact our law enforcement behavior make our streets more violent and show a high disregard for our Constitution.
Author: harold