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Nobody is working and paying taxes. Don’t you reckon if we had some folks working they might spend a little money and get somebody else working. This program put thousands of people working RIGHT NOW.

Some do not understand the poor are suffering and need some faith in the system and cash in the pocket to get things moving again, so the rich can take it away again. So what is the big deal about the rich paying a little taxes. They will have it back before a cat can lick his ass.

We have had 28 years of the government is the problem and it has given us the greatest depression since the thirties.
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Weirdharold Says

I hear all the talk about cost of “Cash for Clunker” and “Health Care”. it sure would be nice if we had somebody paying taxes.

I bet those people getting unemployment compensation and welfare are still paying taxes. i.e. sales taxes.

That is too much to ask of those on Wall Street to chip in a little.
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I was born in central KY at the end of the Jim Crow days. I was taught segregation (a less violent form of racism) by my mother from childhood. I moved to TN in 1970 after the Civil Rights movement. People were making an effort to live together but racism was rampant. I move to MN in 1973 very few blacks in the area. There was racism. Calling bad names and such. I moved to PA in 1984 the very same as MN, underlining racism. 1989 In moved OH again the same. 1992 I moved to Egypt where I seen people of all skin color lived together as equals. then in 1993 I moved to MS. I was told race relation was like hot burning cole. It might go out or it might burst into flame.

I believe from my experience A racial difference was taught for 400 years. We have tried hard for 44 years to put the aggrieved ones up to the starting line, so they my enjoy the rights and opportunities all should have. This changing of the starting line is a tool used to bring us back to the statement made about MS in 1992. Those of us taught racism from childhood made not realize we a racist.

However there is not a question our drug prohibition laws have exploited this underlining racism. Cocaine prohibition laws is one that shows this. The other issue is our prison population. One million blacks in prisons.

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 The Gates/Crowley fiasco is just another case of another arrest without a crime victim. Crime victims are mostly irrelevant in today’s justice system. Police make little to no efforts to aid any actual crime victims recover damages. Crime victims are background characters to justify police intrusion in everyone’s lives. Since over 80% of crime and 90% of violent crimes involves banned drugs and there are no actual measurable standards for restrictions of any drug in this country as to harm and risk, crime victims are manufactured by government policy. The irony is that police hunt down the drug war’s biggest victims: the drug addict.

Addicts to street drugs are society’s biggest victims. They get “complimentary” street drugs often before age 13. These drugs would only appeal to seriously hard core addicts in a legal regulated market with free market options. Anyone who becomes addicted has to pay black market prices including upwards of 10,000 percent profit margins. Nicotine is the Gold Standard for addiction – yet smokers who commit crimes to further their addiction are nonexistent. The source of crime is black market profit margins – caused by drug policy.

People acting in good faith don’t call the police – except as a last resort. Police intervention riles up neighbors and any “solution” involving police makes one dependent on police – which is exactly what Barney Fife cops desire. Even in fictional monochrome Mayberry Barney Fife used profiling and got in the face of those in the social margins. Racism has little to do with profiling! The Andy Taylors of police organizations who actually try to solve real problems are endangered as people become disconnected from neighbors.

Obama is sending a clear message to young people about how adults solve problems: they bond  while using drugs. Unlike adults, 13 year olds can’t get beer and wine. They get street drugs – thanks to policies that are “not open for discussion” by the “peoples’ president”. Is this a great message for our young people or what?

 JT Barrie
 Philomath, OR

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weirdharold says:
I want all to know I do not want the police to protect me, nor my family from hookers, potential for abuse drugs, old black men breaking into their own house. However, I wish they would pay a little more attention to those guys on Wall Street that would seal a hot stove.
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