Weirdharold Thought on Traditions of Unity

Every time one of our fellowship groups makes a rule, calling it a group conscience, we may be telling some that suffer they cannot do something they fail to understand. Thus we fail to carry the message. It is much better to review our principles of unity and as a group to do our best to observe these principles so that we may share our experience, strength, and hope to all who suffer. They can then, determine if they wish to try our spiritual principles for their own sobriety and recovery from alcoholism.
Author: harold


I was gazing through my referers and I saw someone had put a google search, “Biblical Did Ham abuse his father Noah”. The interested party came to this post on my site.

I stated in that post religious people had not given that passage attention except for the notion that many people Justify slavey from this passage of scripture. Well I was wrong after a little search from that Google search that brought someone to my site.

After very little research on the above Google search. The following determining thoughts came from the The Scripture, Genesis Chapter 9, Vs 18-29.

1. Ham sodomized his father
2. Ham impregnated his mother and Canaan was not a decedent of Noah
3. Ham castrated Noah
4. Ham’s brothers, acting out of reverence and respect for their father.
5. Ham was never cursed. Only his son Canaan.
6 Ham’s descendants achievements would be in the area of materialistic things.
7. Ham sought to capitalize on Noah and demean him
8. The Quran absolutely denies this story of Genesis 9.
9. The above slavery issue was spoken about many times in my short research and denied.
10. The one Jewish site, one suggestion was it was a different Noah

Here I gotta take this course:

I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly.

Michel de Montaigne
French essayist (1533 – 1592)

There were 6 acts involving 4 men
1. Noah was drunk
2. Noah as naked
3. Ham saw his father drunk and naked
4. Ham told his brothers their father drunk and naked
5. Ham’s brothers covered their father in a manner they did not see him.
6. Noah cursed Ham and his son, Canaan

Now, how you get the above ideas from those six acts, you gotta be drinking some of the same stuff Noah was drinking. I see as much denial in these interpretations of that short scripture as I do in working with those victims of the spiritual malady of addiction. First how could such a devoted follower of God fall into such spiritual malady. Second, how can God place His Word in the mouth of a drunk with a hangover. How can you place blame on Ham? In my earlier post I have noted what Shem and Japheth actions indicate.

33.75 years of hanging out with alcoholics I have seen this behavior and similar behavior so often I am not going to relate. Also this would not honor our principle of anonymity in our fellowship. The action of all the above was spun from pride. The first of the seven deadly sins. The first act of Ham was too tell his brothers and find a way to handle the issue. No way we let anyone know our dad the, Prophet, is drunk and naked. Ham’s brother acted in a manner they did not see what was happening. If anyone asked about the incident. Their reply, “I did not see anything”. You put about 20 years of that type of behavior into a family and then wonder why some call this a family illness.
Author: harold