More About Alcoholism

• Alcoholism: High bottoms have trap doors.
• Alcoholism: If the cure works, chances are, you have the disease.
• Alcoholism: If you drank long enough to get to an A.A. meeting, you drank long enough.
• Alcoholism: Once you are a pickle, you can’t be a cucumber. But once you are a pickle, you can be a newcomer.
• Alcoholism: The three most dangerous words for an alcoholic-“I’ve been thinking”

• Alcoholism: We are not bad people becoming good, but sick people becoming well.

• Alcoholism: Your bottom just may be six feet under.

• Alcoholism: Your disease progresses even when you are not drinking.

• Alcoholism: Active alcoholism is like an elevator; you can get off at any floor.
• Alcoholism doesn’t come in bottles; it comes in people.
• Alcoholism is a self-diagnosed disease.
Author: harold