13th Step

1. There is a SLIP under every skirt.
2. We keep our pants zipped so we do not lose our brains.
3. Filling the hole does not fill the hole.

SLIP: Sobriety Loses Its Priority

There are many sayings in our fellowship that tell us to avoid serious boy/girl, girl/girl or boy/boy relationships. This involves one member considering the new friendship differently from what the other partner is thinking. This difference in perception of reality causes much emotional upheaval to all that consider these actions. We members of the fellowship must remember that these emotional attractions are natural and God given, but as surely as we seek our way in every issue we will, beyond a doubt, find conflict where we intended to find happiness.

When these relationships get past the hot season in Motel 6, then signs of trouble tend to appear. The fact that both parties get heated up when in each other’s presence will not insure a stable partnership. Being joined via a spiritual entity will not ensure we will look at each other in a spiritual light.

For these hookups to be lasting (if desirable), we must review our thoughts on a lasting relationship with the other and see if they can be concurrent. If not try plan B.

Remember the 13th Step is easy, – it could be back to the 1st Step.

Author: harold