More about Uncle Barnett

Many will say Uncle Barnett was curious . The whole family yielded to his needs and wants. That may be true, but I am here to say we may not have seen all of Uncle Barnett. While Daddy and Uncle Auther was hard workers, the first to the barn to take care of the daily chores, the first to the field, all of which made them seen and indicated their leadership skills. Uncle Barnett was a blacksmith and loved to work in his shop. He was always there for the family if they needed anything.

One of those times I remember. In late August,1949 we were cutting tobacco on daddy’s farm. Of course as all will remember we would cut the tobacco in the afternoon and haul in the AM. I was 8 yeas old and I could cut some of the small growth of tobacco.

At noon, when it was hot, we would not go back to the field until it became a little cooler. One day at noon Daddy and I went out to Uncle Barnett and Daddy ask him to make me a tobacco knife. As I remember he was very happy to accommodate us. I remember watching him make that old fashion tobacco knife.

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Author: harold