The Cabin

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The story and history of this little dwelling tell much about the F. H. Ard family. The little house is located about 200 yards north northeast of the main family home that F. H. and his five children moved to in September of 1910. Of course as I have mentioned before, F. H. was only a tenant farmer (sharecropper some say) at the time he still lived in the main house on the farm. The cabin must have been a tenant’s house. I doubt that it was old enough to be slave quarters.
From late 1910 to late 1915 the only people living in the house was Jess Dixon (Carl’s Father), that I know of, but not necessarily the only one. J. W. and Ara married in December of 1915 and moved into the cabin. Nellie (first grandchild of F. H.) was born November, 1916 and her brother was born in October 1918. But shortly thereafter his mother Ara died and J. W. , Nellie and he moved back into the home with their whole family. James Samuel died a few days later. It appears that as J. W. and Nellie moved out, Barnett and Roberta who had been living with the whole family, moved into the cabin. About 1 1/2 years later Lucille was born while they were living there.

Sometime in the year of 1921 ( Manley has checks that indicate 1919) they purchased the farm they were living on. My understanding was they paid $10,000 at a very high interest rate. This action created a differ plan of action for the family but he cabin still had a big role to play.

October 1921 J. W. married Mary Highbaugh. Barnett and Roberta was living in the cabin so Mary & J. W, moved into the main house until they could build a house on the farm (permissible since they now own the farm). Sometime during the next year the house was built for J. W. & Mary. I have no exact date when they moved but I am sure sometime in 1922, Mary, Nellie & J. W. moved into the house on the southern most part of the farm. Barnett and Roberta and Lucille was still living in the cabin. Sometime the next year or so Barnett started building a house on the farm about 1/2 mile north of J. W.’s house. Arthur was still at home and did not marry until September 1928 when he moved into the the cabin. In between Barnett and Arthur , Leighland and Mary Skaggs lived in the cabin. They are not part of the family.

Arthur and Ethel lived in the cabin until Allen was born . I do not know how much longer. They built a house on the northern part of the farm and James was born there. They moved from the cabin sometime between late 1931 and late 1933. When Mary married Roy Cruse, they moved to Illinois and Manley was born there. Manley was the only member of the third generation that that was not born on the farm. Of course, Coman’s parents were living on the farm when he was born in Glasgow, Ky. Mary and Roy moved back into the cabin sometime before March of 1936. They lived there when Vivian and Edward were born. They moved away from the farm sometime before F. H. died February 1941. I do not have any recollection or information of anyone living there between Arthur and Mary. Nor do I think anyone lived in the cabin after. Mary and Roy moved out.

This is the story of the small two- room structure, built on a rock foundation with the sheeting put on vertically, and its importance to the F. H. Ard family. We must remember that four members of the family lived in this little dwelling and eight of seventeen members were born there.

Nellie & James Parent: J. W.

Lucille Parent: Barnett

Charles, Ruth, Allen Parent: Arthur

Vivian & Edward Parent: Mary

Also Tom Skaggs were born there during the period of time discussed. He is not part of the family but are part of the history.
Author: harold