The Methodology Of Cancer Treatment#3

July 26th Busy day doing nothing. The most exciting was back on the 20th of July A research team want to take my blood to determine if Blood work could determine the same thing as sticking tools your your ass. I got $20 for that little effort. Well today they called again wanting some more blood. This time I am getting $50. So Fran & I are eating out at some fancy place.

I called my urologist and Pdoc today and got two calls from the surgeon’s staff, I have not seen yet. The urologist and Pdoc called me back. Now this is where I stand:
A GP Doc
A GI Doc
A Cancer Doc
A Cutting Doc
A Pecker Checker Doc
A Pdoc

That is six doctors I wonder if I can keep all these folks informed on whom is cutting, who is burning, who is poisoning, while one is trying to keep me out of the happy house and two others wanting to stick their tools up my ass as soon as possible and a general practitioner trying to find how she can get in on the act and send out a few billings.

Then there is UHC wishing they could drop me. Ain’t nice to get all this attention.
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The Methodology Of Cancer Treatment#2

July 20th the GI Doc’s staff started setting me up for test and others Docs , Oncologist & surgeon I have had a scan and it confirmed the mass but did not revile much more.

On July 23rd I visited the Oncologist He states the Colon cancer is stage 1, 2, or 3. He also thinks the neoplasm has been there a long time. He also ordered a PET scan July 29th one-day dater the vista with surgeon.

Yesterday and today I have been dealing with my manic-depressive disorder. This is nothing new.

The answer lies here: First I am a fellowship member and will be as long as I can be. The methodology is this.
I can Love my fellow member.

Pray often:

God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
The Courage to change the things I can.
And the Wisdom to know the difference.

Practice as Bill Sees It

‘”When I feeling depressed, I repeat to myself state such as these: “Pain is the touchstone of spiritual progress”……. “Fear no evil”………”This to shall pass”………”This experience can be turned to benefit.”

These fragment of prayer are far more than mere comfort. They keep me on the track of right acceptance; they break up my compulsive themes of guilt, depression, rebellion, and pride; and sometimes they endow me with the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Author: harold

The Methodology Of Cancer Treatment

The night of May 23rd my BPH problem became worse, with some burning when urinating. I called my GP and got an appointment late the afternoon of the 24th.

I went to my noon AA meeting, but left when a Doc at the meeting wanted to drive me home. I thought I was ok so I drove home myself. After being home for about an hour I knew I should not drive. So I got other transportation to the GP. I was not examined nor listened to. They did take a urine sample, but my insurance did not pay enough so they sent it to another lab. I was given a perception for ciprofloxacin for 20 days. I filled perception, took that day as prescribed. I came home and laid down, I went home laid down after I had taken my meds. My temp soared up to 101° later 103°.
I rested on the 25th hoping the meds would take effect. On 26th my wife called the GP and announced my condition. The Doc changed the infection med and also changed the BPH med that I had been taking for 5 years. 16 hours later my prostate had closed all flow of urine from my bladder. My temp had gone back to normal after the change in meds. I had to go to Immediate Care unit to be catheterized. They told me to double the BPH med. the only empties my bladder they did not have catheter bag. I spent a wonderful night on the commode. The next day I began to feel better. I went to my GP and was reamed out for going to Immediate Care unit not ER. I told them I wanted to see an urologist. They got me an appointment Tuesday June 1st.

The urologist visit was very uneventful. When examined my postdate, he noticed blood and told me to get it checked quickly. He also told me to take the antibiotic another 10 days after the one expired that that the GP the asked to take. The he said I should have blood drawn for PSA test, which I did when I got home.

The GP examined for blood in stool and found none and me to fast and come back the next day to do blood work for general health conditions. During the night I had much red blood in my stool which I told the nurse the day. Then the GP thought I should see a GI Doc.

After much ranging we found one that we could find near the fellowship cud I attend frequently. We went to a GI doc on the 7th of June. He suggested a Lower & Upper GI, because my general health test showed I was anemic. Since I was in the middle of the BPH problem and vacation scheduled to start July 4th. This was set up for July 20th.

I took the last antibiotic on June 13th. Went and had blood taken for PSA test on 14th. The urologist called late on the 16th and I could not get phone out of my pocket. I call him on the 17th and he said my PSA level was 10, “very high”. He said I should come in that day. I did. I still had the infection and he ordered up another antibiotic. I took the first one the evening and 10 minutes later I was getting a shortness of breath symptoms, sometime later I was becoming horse. Those systems lasted 5 hours.
I call the urologist the next morning and they suggested another antibiotic for 28 days. After that I was to take another PSA test.

We were off for vacation the 4th of July to the Southeast USA and stayed in that area until 14th of July.

I took the last antibiotic on the morning of the 16th of July. I went on the morning of the 19th to have blood drawn for PSA, later I started the preparation for the GI test the next day. 12:30 PM on the 20th I took the GI test the GI Doc did do the upper GI because he found the cause of the anemia which was a mass of neoplasm about the size of an apple, 20 centimeters from my rectum.

Author: harold