Using Religion as A Tool for Power

On the spiritual path no one has higher or lower status than anyone else.

– Nizam al-Din, “Fawa’id al-Fu’ad”

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When we deviate from that principle. We have James Jones, David Koresh, Usama Bin Laden and the lesser powerful & less dangerous, but still trying: Pastor Rick Warren, The Pope, Pat Roberson and the list go on and on.

In today’s news we have this little titbit
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Letter to LA Times

I see your news on Prop 19 is very lacking. What little you have goes back to July.” Prop. 19 approval could decrease marijuana costs, increase consumption, report says”

These politically motivated studies have no basics. The only basics of any value, they do not use.

Here are some facts known from the Great Prohibition Experiment.

1.. Some alcohol was Bootlegged in areas where sales were prohibited.

2. Some alcohol was moonshined* outside the tax structure. The Treasury no trouble ending this illegal activity because it was so unpopular. Some of it was dangerous to use, as it was during the the Great Prohibition Experiment.

3. I do know anytime tobacco was sold outside tax structure, especially after cigarettes were rolled via manufacturing. The same would apply Marijuana

4. CATO institute studies show alcohol use did not increase at the end of prohibition


*Bootlegged: Taxes paid but sold in sale prohibited area
**Moonshined: distilled and sold no taxes paid.

Prohibition Laws have no VALUE. Only destructive side effects.

Author: harold

Proposition 19 in CA

Since the founding of the Drug Enforcement Administration in 1973, 15 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana.
That is more people than live in California’s 25 largest cities – millions more than live in Ohio, Pennsylvania or Illinois.
The DEA has led an aggressive national law enforcement effort that results in a marijuana arrest every 38 seconds, propelling the U.S. to become the biggest incarcerator on the planet, housing one out of four of the world’s prisoners.
Despite mass arrests, incarceration and the tearing apart of millions of families, the war rages on with no end in sight.
Since the DEA’s founding, approximately 90 percent of youth have described marijuana as easy to get in annual federal surveys. It is easier for young Americans to buy marijuana than it is to buy alcohol or prescription drugs which are legally regulated and controlled.

This the most important vote on November 2nd and you hardy hear the MSM mentioned it. Must be the money.

The Prison Industry should not be our fasting growing industry!!!!
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“The outward form of things passes away, but the essence remains forever. How long will you be besotted with the shape of the jug? Cast aside the jug, and seek the water. If you look too closely at the form, you miss the essence. If you are wise, you will always pick out the pearl from the shell.”

Rumi, “Mathnawi”From: Beliefnet Muslim Wisdom
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Well, I have been playing the lotto off and on every since 1984. I usually play on Friday the Thirteenth. Ok, on 8/13/2010 that was a Friday and 33 years to the date when I quit smoking Winston cigarettes. I put in $10 and started pushing buttons I have no idea what I did. Today I went and checked my ticket for any winnings. The machine said, “See cashier”, I did, very excitingly, waiting to see what I had won. It was my first winning ticket ever, after 26 years of trying.

The Winning: One free ticket to the next drawing worth one dollar.

Author: harold