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Hi all,

Weird Harold said it would be ok for me to plug my new blog here. My wife and I have set up a financial site that we hope can be used to help people with their personal finances. Come check us out at We only have a couple of articles up at the moment, but will be adding content regularly.


Author: jonathan

Help End the Violence

The 2nd Amendment Argument and Methodology to deter crazies from going around shooting people can be corrected easily.

The simple answer is: Leave the 2nd Amendment in place as is. Leave the the laws in place that say insane people cannot possess a gun. What must be changed is those who wish to own guns must prove to the State they are sane, not a harm to themselves or others. Proof must be presented before a purchase of gun can be made. Test via Psychiatric professionals must be paid for by the person desiring to purchase a gun.

Those wanting to purchase a gun might be interested in this link, here.

Author: harold