I Am An Alcoholic

When I hear pundits talking about drug addiction and the solutions for addiction, it reminds me of the old saying I heard many years ago about addiction, “There are those who do not know, and there those who do not know they do not know”

I am positive these pundits are those of the latter group. They are doing nothing more than spreading lies to parents.

Pride in the family is the greatest symptom that creates difficulty in treating addiction. Those pundits spread this pride, making treating addiction very difficult.

Then we have those promoting prohibition telling us about keeping these dangerous from children, while in fact they have created a violent marketplace where more dangerous drugs are put on sale on the street.

I have one statement to make to these, Know it Alls. I am an alcoholic. Upon reflection I realize I had all the symptoms of alcoholism the first night I drank. On March 24th 1960, I was 19 years of age. After a romantic event did not go my way, I picked up a friend and we went to a bootlegger in Horse Cave, KY and purchased I/2 pint of some forgotten brand of Kentucky Bourbon. I started drinking. My friend was Type I Diabetic and did not drink. So I had it all to myself.

Now, take the pundits point of view. If the DEA had arrested this bootlegger before I purchased the 1/2 pint and sent him to prison with 2.3 million others, I would NOT be an alcoholic. Also had my mother and father been sent to school and learned all about addiction, I would have gotten better sooner.On the same night of my first drink, my friend and I met up with 6 others that were drinking, none of them are alcoholics.
Author: harold