I am Positive Hell is Frozen

Well, I am sure Hell has frozen over Pat Robertson and the Pope agree on something, however, they don’t know it yet. I agree with both on this issue. Now, tell me who has changed their position on the, “War on Drugs”.

Pat talks about changing the marijuana prohibition laws. The Pope talks about the evil of, “The Drug Cartels”. Both topics stem from, The “War on Drugs” problems. Both issues cover only two parts of the prohibition laws we have created to treat a spiritual malady with a STICK and not LOVE. From these laws unscrupulous entrepreneurs have developed ways to cultivate, transport, manufacture and place on a underground market products that have rule of safety to the consumer. Each step creates a unnecessary activity to stay out of the light of law enforcement and eliminate competition. The Pope calls it evil. I say the bird is in our hands for legislating drug prohibition laws. These laws have created a marketplace of violence not known in any of our history. It has destroyed the 4th Amendment rights and established a police state. We have given the authority to create a prohibited list to the agency that has the authority to enforce these laws. We have convinced the populous the enforcement of these prohibition laws will completely eradicate this spiritual malady. Some religious leaders are beginning to doubt our methodology.

The more these laws fail the more laws we make. Which are all domed to fail.
Author: harold