And on Goes the War on Drugs

It is very sad our most intelligent people cannot get a grip on the, “War on Drugs”. No one benefits from the prohibition of the cultivation, possession, transport, and sale of drugs except that list of people including our enemy, but if we are not trying to control most likely they would not be our enemy.

The thought we are saving people from becoming addicts by prohibition is the most outlandish thought we have come up with in the past 100 years. This Times article is just more of the same

Author: harold

These Folks are Better Than Me

Since I have been involved in extensive medical care, I have not been able to keep up with all the horrendous activity that our, “Drug War” has taken our country. I am going to direct my followers to this site

Here you can read what some of the most brilliant minds in our country are saying about “Drug Prohibition”. Then you do not have the need to listen to the poorly educated son of a tobacco farmer.
Author: harold