To get angry is a very bad emotion for me to deal with sanely. The people attacking the Affordable Care Act (ACA) bring up the sounds the opponents of the Civili Rights used. While ignoring parts of the ACA that help so many they use the words, “Freedom, Loss of Rights, taxes and the best of all, “we cannot Afford It while 25 million are out of work. I listen and get angry. I also hear voices of the past. Insert the word, “Nigger” in the conversation and I hear Ross Barrnett, George Wallace, Byron De La Beckwith, Edgar Ray Killen, Cecil Price, Lawrence A. Rainey, Samuel Bowers & the list goes on and on.

We cannot care for the ill & poor because of the same argument as the men above made above in the Civil Rights area in the 1960s. And again it come from the rich and powerful whose fears are embedded in the possible of loss of a little of each.

Author: harold