My Father on The Economy

Today on This Week with George Stephanopoulos was five people discussing our economic condition in this country. All these people claim to be experts. I am sure the have many certificates to ascertain the knowledge of our economy. I heard a lot of loud words with little meaning.

My father had just turned 35 years old when the stocked market crashed in 1929. He was a tobacco farmer in Kentucky. He had finished the 3rd grade at school but had tried all his life to learn. He told me when I was in high school the the reason for the depression was the rich took all the money out of circulation and sit on it. The economy would not function because they was not any money to exchange the commodities essential for living conditions.

Well if we had a few people in D.C. as smart as my father, we would start finding a way get our “dollars” out of offshore accounts and into the hand of those that need it and will circulate it. Stop worrying about SS, food stamps & entailments sic. Then tell those rich mot*rsfu**kers to spend their money or lose it.

Oh, how I wish some of those leadership positions were as smart as my father. Deal done.
Author: harold