The NSA data collection is serious stuff. The talking heads & politicians defending this program do not have the capabilities of writing a program on EXCEL to determine how old they are in days. They go through a talking points scenario that was given to the NSA when the laws written to governor this operation.

I am anxious to hear more from the 29 year old geek. If he is telling the truth there at a million computer geeks that have access to every electronic transition every one makes. Also they are stored for later use. If this is true Washington D,C. is no longer our federal government. The NSA has has access to the Federal, State & local government bodies. Not to mention access to capital industries.

George Orwell’s days are here.

Update 6/11/2013:

John Oliver said: Obama said he was not breaking the law. The sad part is he was not.

Update 6/14/2013

More of same

Update 6/15/2013

Opinion from the man elected President in 2000

Update 6/24/2013

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