Hopefully, Oregon will be next.

Oregon will be voting to end the prohibition laws placed on marijuana in 1937. These Draconian laws were first developed in 1914 for opiates and cocaine. The idea was that we could not make laws telling people they could not use these substances but they could prohibit the cultivation, the transporting, possession and sale of these products. Then we could keep people from using them, thus people would not get addicted. It has REALLY WORKED, “ha.” I am 73 years old and I have been following these laws and their destruction on our society.

My experience has shown: The only person more insane than an addict/alcoholic who still drinks and uses drugs is the person trying to make him stop that behavior.

Politicians and unscrupulous entrepreneurs have taken our insanity and made laws that are destroying our foundation and those of other countries. This post is not intended to explain how 100 years of these laws have accomplished this. The States of Washington and Colorado have started the dismantling of the laws.
Author: harold