Hopefully, Oregon will be next.

Oregon will be voting to end the prohibition laws placed on marijuana in 1937. These Draconian laws were first developed in 1914 for opiates and cocaine. The idea was that we could not make laws telling people they could not use these substances but they could prohibit the cultivation, the transporting, possession and sale of these products. Then we could keep people from using them, thus people would not get addicted. It has REALLY WORKED, “ha.” I am 73 years old and I have been following these laws and their destruction on our society.

My experience has shown: The only person more insane than an addict/alcoholic who still drinks and uses drugs is the person trying to make him stop that behavior.

Politicians and unscrupulous entrepreneurs have taken our insanity and made laws that are destroying our foundation and those of other countries. This post is not intended to explain how 100 years of these laws have accomplished this. The States of Washington and Colorado have started the dismantling of the laws.
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A New Idea To End the Drug Prohibition Laws

I have note I have been writing about the USA insane prohibition laws for 27 years. Yesterday I got request for a donation from George Soros. The request got me thinking a little bit more as we try to disassemble these laws.

The do not accomplish their intended purpose so we go about changing these laws to make them work, making the laws worse. I will save the items on this for later and since we are not able to convince the public these laws must be changed. This is my new idea:

Get together as many lawyers as possible to defend prohibition law felony offenders and convince them( the offenders) to demand their 6th Amendment Rights. If every felon of prohibition demanded this trial, the public and the MSM would understand what these prohibition laws are doing in short order.
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The NSA data collection is serious stuff. The talking heads & politicians defending this program do not have the capabilities of writing a program on EXCEL to determine how old they are in days. They go through a talking points scenario that was given to the NSA when the laws written to governor this operation.

I am anxious to hear more from the 29 year old geek. If he is telling the truth there at a million computer geeks that have access to every electronic transition every one makes. Also they are stored for later use. If this is true Washington D,C. is no longer our federal government. The NSA has has access to the Federal, State & local government bodies. Not to mention access to capital industries.

George Orwell’s days are here.

Update 6/11/2013:

John Oliver said: Obama said he was not breaking the law. The sad part is he was not.

Update 6/14/2013

More of same

Update 6/15/2013

Opinion from the man elected President in 2000

Update 6/24/2013

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On a Blog in Daily Journal

I consider myself a Christian, I do not affiliate with any Church calling themselves Christian. In my lifetime I have met and hold much respect of some Jews, Muslims, Hindus, atheists and agnostics. I found much spiritual enlightenment from some of these people. Those seeking a better spiritual life via a God of their understanding have much to offer. Those that think they have found the perfect measure of spiritual understanding are very offensive and have very little to offer me and most others I keep company with on a daily basics. Those who consider they have found the perfect spiritual life and wish to insert their religion in our government and impose it on everyone are very dangerous. I think our founding fathers made this quite clear when they added the following to the Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Go to church, practice what you preach and stop preaching. There is no difference in a Christian preacher in a three piece suit than a Muslim in a gharbeya and a turban trying to insert their religion upon others via governmental control.

There are two principles that can guide all of us and we need no religious tenets to keep them in place for everyone.

1. Do what you say, say what you do.
2. Do not take anything from someone else.

Our ancestors took the lives away from people of African decent for centuries and we said it was in the Bible so it was proper. Now Walmart pays our friends and neighbors less than a living wage so they can sell us plastic crap from China. Now that is Christ’s teaching.
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My Father on The Economy

Today on This Week with George Stephanopoulos was five people discussing our economic condition in this country. All these people claim to be experts. I am sure the have many certificates to ascertain the knowledge of our economy. I heard a lot of loud words with little meaning.

My father had just turned 35 years old when the stocked market crashed in 1929. He was a tobacco farmer in Kentucky. He had finished the 3rd grade at school but had tried all his life to learn. He told me when I was in high school the the reason for the depression was the rich took all the money out of circulation and sit on it. The economy would not function because they was not any money to exchange the commodities essential for living conditions.

Well if we had a few people in D.C. as smart as my father, we would start finding a way get our “dollars” out of offshore accounts and into the hand of those that need it and will circulate it. Stop worrying about SS, food stamps & entailments sic. Then tell those rich mot*rsfu**kers to spend their money or lose it.

Oh, how I wish some of those leadership positions were as smart as my father. Deal done.
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Change the Federal Marijuana Drug Laws

I have been studying this subject since a reenforced effort was put on this subject to get the attention off the Iran-Contra scandal. My idea has been the reasons for the laws are false and cannot be enforced. The method to change the legal end of this matter is so simple a retarded politician should come up the plan. Remove marijuana from the prohibited drug list. Then just add marijuana to the Alcohol & Tobacco list for the treasury to collect taxes.

I believe this should be policy the liberals and conservatives should agree if there ever was something they could agree upon. I think Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders should be where to start. Even though I do not think either is retarded.
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Gore Vidal Says

“At least when the Emperor Justinian, a sky-god man, decided to outlaw sodomy, he had to come up with a good practical reason, which he did. It is well known, Justinian declared, that buggery is a principal cause of earthquakes, and so must be prohibited. But our sky-godders, always eager to hate, still quote Leviticus, as if that looney text had anything useful to say about anything except, perhaps, the inadvisability of eating shellfish in the Jerusalem area.”

Gore Vidal
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To get angry is a very bad emotion for me to deal with sanely. The people attacking the Affordable Care Act (ACA) bring up the sounds the opponents of the Civili Rights used. While ignoring parts of the ACA that help so many they use the words, “Freedom, Loss of Rights, taxes and the best of all, “we cannot Afford It while 25 million are out of work. I listen and get angry. I also hear voices of the past. Insert the word, “Nigger” in the conversation and I hear Ross Barrnett, George Wallace, Byron De La Beckwith, Edgar Ray Killen, Cecil Price, Lawrence A. Rainey, Samuel Bowers & the list goes on and on.

We cannot care for the ill & poor because of the same argument as the men above made above in the Civil Rights area in the 1960s. And again it come from the rich and powerful whose fears are embedded in the possible of loss of a little of each.

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