To get angry is a very bad emotion for me to deal with sanely. The people attacking the Affordable Care Act (ACA) bring up the sounds the opponents of the Civili Rights used. While ignoring parts of the ACA that help so many they use the words, “Freedom, Loss of Rights, taxes and the best of all, “we cannot Afford It while 25 million are out of work. I listen and get angry. I also hear voices of the past. Insert the word, “Nigger” in the conversation and I hear Ross Barrnett, George Wallace, Byron De La Beckwith, Edgar Ray Killen, Cecil Price, Lawrence A. Rainey, Samuel Bowers & the list goes on and on.

We cannot care for the ill & poor because of the same argument as the men above made above in the Civil Rights area in the 1960s. And again it come from the rich and powerful whose fears are embedded in the possible of loss of a little of each.

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Prisoners & more Prisoners

This cartoonist has correctly drawn the picture of our twist view or no view at all of our treatment of prisoners. The most being low level drug dealers and addicts. Very few know of our corporate prison system.

Now we are ready to pass laws for chickens while we continue this inhuman treatment of prople, some of which are very little, if any danger to our society.

And the world goes on!

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And on Goes the War on Drugs

It is very sad our most intelligent people cannot get a grip on the, “War on Drugs”. No one benefits from the prohibition of the cultivation, possession, transport, and sale of drugs except that list of people including our enemy, but if we are not trying to control most likely they would not be our enemy.

The thought we are saving people from becoming addicts by prohibition is the most outlandish thought we have come up with in the past 100 years. This Times article is just more of the same

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These Folks are Better Than Me

Since I have been involved in extensive medical care, I have not been able to keep up with all the horrendous activity that our, “Drug War” has taken our country. I am going to direct my followers to this site

Here you can read what some of the most brilliant minds in our country are saying about “Drug Prohibition”. Then you do not have the need to listen to the poorly educated son of a tobacco farmer.
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Obama’s Drug Policy

Here is A Drug Policy for the 21st Century Posted by Kathleen Sebelius, Eric Holder, and Gil Kerlikowske on the White House web house site Home • The Administration • Office of National Drug Control Policy. It was most likely written by a Harvard educated Chicago politician that always has in his mind, “Do not close the polls, I have 3 cemeteries that have not voted”

Illegal drugs not only harm a user’s mind and body, they devastate families, communities, and neighborhoods. They jeopardize public safety, prevent too many Americans from reaching their full potential, and place obstacles in the way of raising a healthy generation of young people.

This statement leads one to believe Interdiction solve all these problems. This problem will be solved when we stop all the addicts from using drugs ah haw. It has worked quite well the past 98 years. The politicians are hopping you will believe this and most will. It makes me makes me wanna cry. More to come later on this web post when I can get up the strength.
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More on the Drug War

This article explains many of the problems with the Drug War. To end these destructive laws I believe more truths must be told.

Many people have fears of those using alcohol and/or drugs and well they should if those users drive automobiles, operate heavy machinery or have guns. Some create public and/or domestic violence.

Then there are the parents, grandparents and others that believe if one ever uses a drug or alcohol they will become addicted. These issues are not going away whatever laws we have in place.

Our prohibition laws have taken on three functions to deal with all the above issues. They are:


Interdiction failed with alcohol and it has failed with drugs. So our lawmakers make more laws and increase punishment and more failures. The CATO institute has some example of these failures.

The Education in place is the flat earth society idea. There is not enough known about addiction to be teaching anything. Teaching children about the harms of drugs when they are more informed than the teacher is bullshit.

The Treatment:
I am opposed to forcing people into treatment because they have committed a crime while under the influence. Having treatment available to those who wish to seek help I am for. If you do the crime you do the time. A crime by an addict is a crime. Of course, I am not talking about Drug Prohibition crimes. My thoughts come from this idea.

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I am Positive Hell is Frozen

Well, I am sure Hell has frozen over Pat Robertson and the Pope agree on something, however, they don’t know it yet. I agree with both on this issue. Now, tell me who has changed their position on the, “War on Drugs”.

Pat talks about changing the marijuana prohibition laws. The Pope talks about the evil of, “The Drug Cartels”. Both topics stem from, The “War on Drugs” problems. Both issues cover only two parts of the prohibition laws we have created to treat a spiritual malady with a STICK and not LOVE. From these laws unscrupulous entrepreneurs have developed ways to cultivate, transport, manufacture and place on a underground market products that have rule of safety to the consumer. Each step creates a unnecessary activity to stay out of the light of law enforcement and eliminate competition. The Pope calls it evil. I say the bird is in our hands for legislating drug prohibition laws. These laws have created a marketplace of violence not known in any of our history. It has destroyed the 4th Amendment rights and established a police state. We have given the authority to create a prohibited list to the agency that has the authority to enforce these laws. We have convinced the populous the enforcement of these prohibition laws will completely eradicate this spiritual malady. Some religious leaders are beginning to doubt our methodology.

The more these laws fail the more laws we make. Which are all domed to fail.
Author: harold